Original Logo Design created by Logicastle

The iconic logo created for Fredrick Lee was exactly what they were looking for.  They wanted to stay away from the “Handy Man” look while displaying a bold, higher end remodeling service that is memorable, classy and professional.

Fredrick Lee Logo

Fredrick Lee Remodeling Video Promotion

In addition to the home improvement web design, this promotional video was created using Final Cut Pro and Motion. Original, stock video clips and animation was used to visually present the Fredrick Lee message with an effective local appeal.

Fredrick Lee Remodeling Website

Home Improvement Web Design – Mchenry, IL Remodeling:

For more than fifteen years, Fredrick Lee has been focused on providing homeowners with innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship and high quality, personalized service.

Fredrick Lee contacted us about redesigning their website and making a range of improvements to finish off the site. We discovered that the remodeling business was fierce and saturated, but through strategy, research and professional web design and functionality, we would help to realize Fredrick Lee’s fullest potential.

The new home improvement web design website needed to be bold, vibrant, professional and aligned to the Fredrick Lee vision, while retaining its own unique brand identity. We designed the website by analyzing competitors and researching target markets in a way that met Fredrick Lee’s requirements.

The aim of this home improvement web design project was to raise awareness of Fredrick Lee Remodeling, maximizing sales and helping to make it become a huge success.



Our Solution

  • Website to adapt seamlessly to desktop, mobile and other screen sizes
  • New Logo Design and Promo Video that showcased Fredrick Lee services and brand name
  • Custom graphics and hi-end photography to enhance user experience and improve first impressions
  • Blog and social media features for Facebook , Twitter and Youtube
  • Advice on the best content strategy for the site and how to utilize it to create different types of content
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allowing for easy website maintenance
  • SEO advice and support – to maximise traffic and help people find the Fredrick Lee website

The Results

Improved appearance, converting visitors into clients, increased revenue and page #1 rankings on Google for:


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